Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring in the Valley

There is a bunch of us now. Natalia and her boyfriend, Jesse, along with two other young men from Great Britain (Dan & Chris), arrived on Sunday. Kyle and I are still staying in the German cabin, but the others are staying in the big house. Cooking facilities are not the greatest, but we are getting by. We have some garden area worked up and planted and seeds are sprouting. The bears are up and about. Kyle and I saw four blacks and two grizzlies on the drive to Terrace today and also two coyotes. Some wolves have been visiting the valley and have left tracks and droppings in the new garden. The hummingbirds are back and the gooseberry bushes are blooming now. Almost all of the snow is gone in our valley, but there is still a lot of the white stuff north and south of us. We are keeping busy clearing old trails, cutting firewood, and we started re-doing the old root cellar which had collapsed. It was built about 35 years ago and held many tons of potatoes, carrots, turnips and beets in its time.

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