Friday, December 4, 2009

Winter is a comin'

These photos were taken last month. Strange looking tree, huh?

The days are getting very short here, but so far it hasn't been really cold.  +12F is about as cold as it has been so far. Got snow on the ground, but not much, couple of inches at my place, but about a foot here in town (Stewart). Lots of moose around lately. I've been busy editing this summers' videos and photos. My house guest (Robyn)  left on October 26, just before we got our first dump of snow. It was a real joy to have her company for over a month and we got lots of work done. The water line is buried and still brings the water to the house, even in this freezing weather.

Daylight doesn't really get here until almost nine a.m. and it gets dark again around 5 p.m., but in another three weeks the days will be getting longer again. Right now I am using a lot of gasoline in the generator, but it sure beats using kerosene lamps. And kerosene won't keep the computer going!  

I built a really super sled for hauling firewood to the cabin and it works great. Just need a bit more snow to smooth out my trails, though.

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Nancy said...

Woody, delighted to hear that you are doing well up there and got the house ready before the big snows come.
Great pics!