Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Change of Scene

The bugs are here now! I spent the most of the month of May getting my garden enlarged and planted before they did. Now things are really growing rapidly with the nearly 20 hours of daylight that we are getting.

A few days ago, I started working at the Bell II Lodge which is about thirty miles south of my place. Here is a link to their website.   I am doing odd jobs and maintenance here and I have access to all of the modern conveniences, including Internet access. The really busy season is the winter when people come from all over the world to ski in the powder snow and have helicopters lift them to the tops of the mountains. But this is also a helicopter base all year. Yesterday there were dozens of take-offs and landings as the pilots flew supplies out to different mining exploration camps in the mountains.

I will be spending much of my time here refinishing the exteriors of the beautiful log chatets. See the website above. It is kind of nasty work, especially with the bugs now, but there are bugs back at my place too. Here, I don't have to cook my own meals, there are laundry facilities, hot-tub, sauna, widescreen TV, pool table, etc. and some very nice co-workers. I am staying here at the lodge during the week and will just go back home on weekends to tend my gardens. I may even get one of these choppers to give me a lift back and forth since they are flying over my place regularly to get to their base at Bob Quinn Lake. 

There are nine employees here this week, but during the winter, the staff swells to three times that many. We also have an RV park for the tourists and travellers on the highway and rent rooms in the chalets to those who want them.

There is a small flock of wild doves here! I have never seen doves in British Columbia before, but I had read that there is a species of ring-neck dove in the province. I just didn't think that they came this far north. 

I hope to be posting to this site much more frequently now that I have access to the Web. I have much more time to spare, too, since I only work an eight-hour day here. Back at the cabin, I had been working almost twice that!

In early May, I had a small black bear grazing the grass around my cabin for a while. He generally kept his distance from me, but I never knew when I would see him.

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Nancy said...

It's good to hear from you, Woody. That sounds like a nice summer vacation...and things should go well with the garden as long as the bears, deer or moose don't get too inquisitive.