Monday, June 28, 2010

Home for the weekend

I saw two blacks bears together at very close range while walking in on Friday evening. I was very quiet and they didn't see me until I was quite close (thirty feet) but I didn't get my camera out fast enough. As soon as they heard me opening my fanny pack, they turned and saw me and they both took off! The garden is doing very well and everything is early this year. I already have spinach, radishes, lettuce, baby beets, summer turnips, some brocoli, garlic (the Chinese kind )and of course, rhubarb. I had two handfuls of strawberries, too, but I don't have many plants. This spring, I transplanted some of the domestic plants that I found growing (but not producing) on the hillside by the leaning outhouse at the old homestead. In the 80's, when my family lived together in the valley, these same berries didn't ripen until late July. Another indication of our changing climate! Just after noon on Sunday, I hiked back out to the highway to thumb a ride back to the Lodge. I brought a box full of good produce with me so I will be eating some of my own good stuff here and some will go to other staff. The bugs are actually worse here at the Lodge than at the cabin. While I was at the cabin, I spent most of my time weeding, hoeing, and thinning garden crops. As I worked I became overcome with great joy with the productivity of this land and at the same time  I felt a terrible sadness, for I knew that this scene will be changing soon. There are plans to put a huge electric power transmission line through my part of the planet. The towers will slice across the ridge about a mile south of my cabin and the access road will destroy these gardens! See the video below!


Kelpie Oaks said...

Woody, this is terrible!! So sorry to hear it!

Zohar said...

Same as Kelpie