Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Longest Day

Monday evening, after all the work was done and the guests were comfortable in their lodgings, most of the staff, and some of the guests, gathered around a fire that I built in the yard near the staff housing. Most brought drinks with them as we celebrated the longest day of the year. It was quite an international gathering, as we had one man from Ireland, one Korean, one woman from Romania, another from Columbia, one man from Bavaria, several Canadians , and myself.  We sat around the fire, waiting for darkness to come. (It never did!) I played my harmonica for a while, and then people started telling jokes.  About midnight, I headed off to my bed (I was the oldest among the bunch) and it still was not completely dark.

I am enjoying the work and the people here, but I am looking forward to the weekend, when I will go back to the cabin to tend my gardens. Many helicopters are coming and going these days. This morning, one big one started his engine at 7:30 a.m. and I was wondering what some of the guests thought about that. The choppers usually don't get going until about 9.

Today, two new staff members were hired on and Franz returned from his home in Vernon, B.C. where he had been for a week. Now, Andrea, a young woman who was raised in Fort Nelson, will be sharing the living quarters in the big lodge with me. As she was setting things up in her room, two doors down the hall from mine, she cut her hand quite badly while moving a large mirror.  First aid was applied and then Franz (the owner) drove her to Stewart to get the hand stitched up. I am not sure how bad the wound really is, and so Andrea's tenure here as a chambermaid may be very short-lived.

A momma black bear and two cubs were spotted yesterday, just across the road, but they haven't come onto the property, yet! We have a huge compost tumbler here and an incinerator, so there is very little to attract the bears.

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