Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A different sort of workday!

The lodge had a vehicle at a garage in Terrace that needed to be picked up. So, this morning, Franz and I took off from the Bob Quinn Lake airstrip in Franz’s little plane and we flew to Terrace in about an hour and a half.  Our altitude was about 7,500 feet above sea level. The weather was just beautiful and I got some good photos and video of the mountains, icefields, and glaciers that we flew over. See some of them below. The high peaks that delineate the US-Canada border were visible to the west, and they all had glaciers flowing off of them.  Franz continued on to Smithers and Vernon, where his home is, while I did some errands in Terrace and drove back up (220 miles) in the repaired pickup truck. Sad to say, the short box of the pickup truck would not hold the new motorcycle that I bought in Terrace. I'll have to wait and pick it up another time. I got home just in time for supper. The weather is warming up again and the sky is clearing. High, wispy mare’s tails filled the sky this evening. Tomorrow is going to be a clear, hot day!

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Nancy said...

It sounds idyllic, but I am still sad to hear that your gardens may be destroyed by a pipeline. You can't escape the 'improvers' no matter how hard you try. Is there nothing you can do to have the route moved away from your property?