Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I am just in the middle of a six days off/fifteen days on cycle. That is, I don't have to work until Friday morning. Just finish watching all of the HBO series...A Band of Brothers (about WW II.) Been deleting files and editing old videos and photos, too. Last time off, I went into Stewart in a logging truck. The resulting video is already on my youtube page (Doug Price-Logger)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mo73bmHdBs . While in Stewart, I had x-rays taken of my neck. It still feels like I got a stiff neck all day since my ladder fall. X-rays show some damage or arthritic developement between the first and second cervical vertebrae.The doc recommended at CT scan which date hasn't been set up yet, but it will mean a trip to Terrace or Smithers for that. I was in Stewart last week also. Took in $210 worth of beer bottles and liquor bottles for deposit. Drove one of the pick-ups from here, a dodge with a short box and canopy. It had like a crew-cab, so I filled up the front seat also. Guess I was breaking some open bottle law! Last week I filmed a hungry fox here at the lodge. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Oofh8QBstk

We did have a period of warmer weather here last week. Avalanches closed the highway to Stewart for a while, and most of the roofs here at the lodge have shed their 40 inches or so of snow. It actually rained for a day or so, but the temperature didn't rise much above 33* F. The snow sculptures are a mess. The whiskers fell out of the walruses and the tusks (icicles) grew weak and broke off, too. I spent some five hours yesterday, just digging them out of the crusted snow layers that covered them. The shark's jaws are closing on their own.

We had one week with no bookings in January and that was the week with the avalanches and rain. Skiing wouldn’t have happened in those conditions. The week before that, the skiers were up to their wastes in powder snow. About twenty here now from around the world. Also more than twenty staff here now.

Been eating very well here. We don’t always get served the same food that the guests eat, but we get samplings of it some times. Lots of fish and meat on the diet. Good fresh veggies (never canned or frozen) fresh fruit and fruit juices, etc…. Bacon & sausage every morning, etc. I have eaten many things here in the past few months that I have never eaten before. Grilled quail, tiramisu, quail eggs, fancy mushrooms, kalimari (squid), and all kinds of fish & shellfish.

Last night a new (replacement) cook arrived at about 8 pm. He hit a moose just 20 miles south of here. Luckly for him, he wasn't injured and he was able to drive his pick-up truck here. The moose was finished off by one of the guides here, who took his rifle and drove back down the highway to where the moose was. Tonight a pack of wolves is singing just outside the Lodge across the road. They are moving south toward the moose accident. Maybe they smelled it. It is rare to hear a family of wolves howling so close to a place like this.

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