Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring has sprung again!

Here it is, April and the snow is melting faster than it is falling! I just had two weeks off from work and made a trip back to the cabins to see how everything was keeping. I was relieved to find that the potatoes, carrots, beets and turnips that I hurriedly stored in the root cellar didn't get frozen despite the fact that the temperature (outside) was down to -28*C at least once. I hadn't been back there since October and the time flies when you are busy having fun. Working here at the lodge has really been fun. I'll be staying on here indefinitely, but I do hope to get back up to the cabins more often.

While I was there at the cabins in the Ningunsaw valley, I checked out the surveyor's ribbons marking out the route for the access road that will be preceding the power line construction. The new road will be coming down the hillside only about 250 yards west of the little "Fritz" cabin. I am very thankful that they didn't decide to cut right through the cabin or gardens! I think in the future I will have to grow bigger gardens and get myself a little pickup truck so I can haul the produce out to the lodge here.

For a view of last year's gardens, check out the video below. Last year the snow was gone from my hillside garden site by mid March. Last week when I was there, the snow was still over 14 inches deep in most places. Here at the lodge the snow is still over 40 inches deep.


John said...

What is it, you do at the lodge you mentioned?

Deborah said...

Absolutely amazing. You sir are one talented man who used what was given him and learned how to survive with nature. What a peaceful existance. I have a few questions. How has your health been without pesticides , hormone injected food? Where did your seeds come from? And in your early days where did you get gas to run the chain saw? interesting.

Jay Paul Kawatski________________ (a.k.a. Woody Harmony) said...

I am one of the maintenance staff; fixing things, taking out the garbage, shoveling and moving snow, etc.