Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Skiing Season Starts Soon

On Saturday, the 17th of December, I started a stretch of seven days off. When I start again next Saturday, I'll be working three weeks straight before I get another week off. On Sunday morning, the 18th, our manager asked me if I'd like to drive three people to the airport in Terrace. I would stay overnight there and pick up three others on Monday morning and drive them to the lodge. So that's what I did, except that the three that I took down on Sunday had to be at the Smithers airport, not the Terrace one. So I ended up doing a bit more driving that I had anticipated and didn't check into my motel in Terrace until almost ten p.m.
All of the mountain guides are here now for a training week, and the three helicopters and their support people, plus some contractors who are doing some quick remodeling around the lodge. We have what amounts to a full house, and they are all staff. Many will be leaving at the end of this week when the first skiiers arrive, and then the skiing season will officially begin.
I have been spending some of my time off cleaning up and organizing things in a little cabin which lies just east of the lodge boundaries and has recently been purchased by one of the guides here. I am now his official care-taker, since he will only be in this area for a few months of each year, I will have the use of the cabin for carving and other creative endeavors. I have sorely missed having a space here at the lodge where I can do my carving and such.
The last few nights have been cabin-warming party nights and many of the staff have gathered here for music, conversation, and refreshments. Hannes, the new owner of this little cabin has his own website which has some great photos of his skiing travels around the world.

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