Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Potato Harvest has Begun

Last Sunday, Margaret Klocker, shown here with myself, arrived with her husband, Richard and left with a pile of fresh produce. The cabbages are huge this year and have started to explode! There are hundreds of pounds of carrots and beets, gigantic cauliflowers, and more peas than I can pick!! I wish there was some way I could share this bounty with others, but the remoteness of my garden and the difficulty of access make that unlikely.  Richard and Margaret returned to the garden on Monday while I was back at work at the lodge and carried several more loads up the hill and took them back to their place, the Todagin Creek Guest Ranch, which is about forty-five miles north of my cabin. Even though they live so near, the climate at their ranch makes it difficult for them to grow a good garden. Soon, the wild huckleberries will need to be picked, and I am looking forward to visiting some big patches near the lodge, up an old logging road. This week I'll have to change the oil in my new motorcycle, since I have put on over 1000 kilometers now.

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Nancy said...

I hope they do not put a road through your garden. They can surely run it somewhere else that isn't good growing land.