Friday, September 17, 2010

End of Summer

Beautiful clear skies lately make for high temperatures in the high teens (Celcius) and the overnight lows have been frosty (0 Celcius or colder). It is great to be able to walk around outside, bareheaded, with no insect repellant necessary! The colours are coming to the mountainsides, reds from the huckleberry bushes and viburnum and yellows from birch and willows.

Last week at work, a ladder slipped out from under me and I fell about twelve feet to the ground. I hit the back of my head on a sharp rock and opened a wound that took three sutures to close. It happened last Thursday and the manager drove me to Stewart where the doctor did his work. I got some good bruises on other parts of my body, too. I went to Stewart on my own again this Wednesday and had the sutures removed. Seems like the tintinatus that I have been plagued with for many years now, is greater now at times. It almost sounds like cicadas singing.

Feeling my age lately,.... and I have a tooth that is getting very tender!

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