Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This photo was taken in Cuenca, where I spent two days on my way to the Neverland Organic Farm near Tumianuma. I flew from Vancouver on the 16th of January, arriving in Dallas-Fort Worth airport in the early evening. My flight to Miami was not until the early morning of the 17th, so I tried to sleep in the airport, but my throat was  getting itchy and I knew that a cold was coming on. I watched the movie, "Avatar" on my computer, but really didn't get any sleep at all. Already, here in Dallas, I heard a lot of Spanish spoken. At 7:30 a.m. I left Dallas, arriving in Miami before noon. I had plenty of time to get to the International departures where the LAN Ecuador flight would take me to Quito.Two nights in Quito, which I found to be a big, dirty, scary looking city, then I flew to Cuenca and spent two nights there. These next two photos were taken in Cuenca, one on Saturday evening, not long after I arrived in the city, where some locals were performing traditional dances. The next morning there was a big parade and I followed it for a long time, taking pictures and videos along the way. The third photo shows one of the parade floats.Early in the morning, I got on a bus for the four and a half hour ride to Loja in the southern part of the country. At times the bus disappeared into the clouds as our altitude went up to 10,000 feet above sea level. Once in Loja, I got into a shared taxi for the ride to Vilcabamba, which took less than an hour. I arrived in Vilcabamba in plenty of time to get the noon bus to Tumianuma, but I was at the wrong bus stop and missed the one that I should have taken. Next bus wasn't until 4:30 p.m., so I had a beer at a local open air cafe and watched the people go by. Also bought a couple of fresh mangoes to satisfy my hunger. I had left Cuenca without breakfast.

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I bet you had a nice time there