Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tumianuma, Quinara, & Neverland

This screen shot from Google Earth shows where I have been spending my time for the last month. Vilcabamba is north of Tumianuma, and all of these places are in the very southern part of Ecuador (Loja Province) not far from the border with Peru. The blue line shows the horse and burro trail that connects the Neverland farm (elevation 5,300 feet) with the small village of Tumianuma (elevation 5,000 feet). It is about three miles long. The orange line is the main road. The red line is a very rough four-wheel drive road from Quinara (another small village) to Neverland. The pale blue-green line shows the route that I took from the Neverland Farm to the Inca Ruins (elevation 8,800 feet) on a mountain top nearby. The photos below were taken when I was up on the mountain with the ruins.

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